A Distinguished Panel of Respected Leaders

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law is proud to have an experienced, caring and diverse faculty. The credentials of our faculty are first-rate. Our professors have structured business transactions at both the international and the domestic levels and litigated before the World Court at The Hague, the U.S. Supreme Court and federal and state trial and appellate courts. Their clients have ranged from the largest multinational corporations to the most needy members of our society and virtually every type of client in between. Our faculty also have testified before Congress and the California legislature, have appeared as experts on national and local television news and radio broadcasts and have served as legal consultants to our government, the United Nations and several foreign governments.

Mark Aldrich

Hannah Bible

Howard Bilton

Robert Bloink

Kim H. Bloink

William H. Byrnes

Debora Correa

Dioysios Dementis

Richard Duke

Laura Dunaway

Daniel N. Erasmus

Larry C. Fedro

Jason Fiske

Rick L. Frimmer

Alfredo Garcia

Philips G. Gay, Jr.

Richard Gendler

Alberto Gil

Aaron Gothef

Victoria Grabhorn

Ben Holt

Johan Jol

Denis Kleinfield

George Mentz

Mark Moore

Robert Munro

Rosemarie Oda

Ole Oleson

Ana Penn

Stephen Polak

Katherine Porter

Michael Rinaldi

Philip Ruce

Gordon Russel

George Salis

Jason Simpson

William Smelko

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